• Mark Falcon - (Live) Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar.

Falcon Road is the music of Australian songwriter, Mark Falcon. It fuses his love of Classic & Modern Rock with the groove of Funk and Blues.

He began singing at 10 through musical theater and during school years he played the Piano, Violin and Sax. He didn't pick up the guitar until he was 16.

"It took a few attempts to find the right instrument for me, but I don't think my Dad realized what he'd started when he bought me an electric guitar. There was a lot of noise to come! I started a band in high school with some mates, we were called Pebble. When people would ask why, I'd reply in my cheesiest voice "A little rock..." Mark laughs.

After school his musical career moved to the small screen, while participating in Australia's It Takes Two, Mark followed this with an appearance on the UK's Soapstar Superstar.

"I grew up in a country town so I didn't really go to a proper concert until I moved to Sydney after high school. I went to see Megadeth in '04 in a little University venue, it was the loudest and most intense thing I'd ever seen!"

After playing in various covers bands he formed the original project Falcon Road in 2007. They recorded an EP with Steve James (Screaming Jets, Shihad) and toured throughout Australia, New Zealand and East Timor.

Mark decided to relocate the band to the US and make it more of a solo project, borrowing musicians for gigs, co-writing and recording.

He was also the Lead Vocalist for New Zealand band Shotgun Alley, they opened for legendary bands including ZZ Top, Def Leppard, Slash and Alice Cooper. Mark was also asked up on stage to sing with the Hollywood mainstays, Steel Panther.

Mark brings a dynamic combination of charisma and passionate vocals reminiscent of iconic rock bands to every performance he gives, whether it be solo acoustic or with a full band. He's constantly writing and recording songs for Falcon Road.

"Music is too much fun not to share with people. It's not brain surgery, but the way a song can make you feel is like nothing else in the world."

Some may also know Mark from his 4 year stint playing 'Ric Dalby' on Australia's most watched TV drama, Home and Away.  Other acting credits include feature film A Heartbeat Away, short films Count Me In and In The Black and TV appearances on Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Water Rats, Balmain Boys, Bargain Coast and Outriders.

Jamming with Steel Panther at the Key Club

East Timor

Shotgun Alley supporting ZZ Top

Acoustic performance in Sydney

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